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Hints to Mimimise the Risk of Frozen Pipes

Hints to Mimimise the Risk of Frozen Pipes

Damage to pipes occurs when they freeze and this only becomes apparent when the pipe starts to thaw. The damage caused by flooding can cause a lot of distress and cost thousands of euro to put right. These simple tips cost very little to put in place but could make all the difference:

Cork City Council advises the public that in order to help prevent incidences of frozen pipes and stopcocks this Winter the following precautionary measures should be taken:

  • Leave heating on longer than normal
  • Open the attic trap door to allow heat in from the hall or rooms underneath
  • Remove insulation from the area of the ceiling immediately under your roof tank so that it can get heat from underneath
  • Leave a light on in the attic if available 
  • Lag all pipes in the attic area
  • Open the stopcock chamber and remove any water
  • Fill the stopcock chamber with non-absorbent material such as rock wool or fiberglass wool to provide insulation – don’t use absorbent material as it will act as a conductor to the frost
  • Place a piece of insulation e.g. carpet/matting over your external stopcock
  • Wrap a towel around an outside tap   
  • If you are going away ideally consider having someone check the house daily.  Also consider leaving the central heating on low, or turn the water supply off at the internal stopcock, usually located under the kitchen sink and drain the system (except fire sprinkler lines) .

Remember if you have a burst pipe or frozen supply do be careful with the use of heating systems, washing machines and other water-dependent appliances and facilities. 

If you have a problem or concern we would advise that you contact a qualified plumber for advice.

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