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The Process

Cork City Council is the local planning authority for Cork City and a key part of its role is to regulate the nature, use and form of development through the planning applications process.

The normal planning application process is:

  1. Pre-Planning Consultation
  2. Planning Application
  3. Planning Decision
  4. Planning Grant

The following table illustrates the typical timescale involved in most cases.

Time scale involved in the Planning Process
Timescale   Action
 Before application is lodged


Notice published in newspaper and site notice erected
Two weeks later  Latest date for lodging application
After application is lodged
Between first week and five weeks Application is validated by the Planning Authority. Submissions or objections are considered.
Between five and eight weeks later Planning Authority issue notice of their decision on the application. (Alternatively, they may request further information).
Four weeks after issue of notice of decision If no appeal is made, the Planning Authority will issue grant of permission, or outline permission, except where they have already indicated a decision to refuse.

A planning application will only be accepted once it has been “vetted” to make sure that it is compliant with the Planning and development Regulations 2001 and that it is complete. Where an application is not complete then it will be returned to the applicant (see Making a Planning Application).

Generally, a valid application will be dealt with by a planning authority in 12 weeks from the date the application is made to the final grant of a permission. However, the period can vary, particularly if the planning authority seeks further information from the applicant (which it should do within the first 8 weeks). The planning authority then has 4 weeks from the day the further information is received to make a decision on the application. If objections are received to an application where a request for further information has been issued, the objectors are notified on receipt of this information. Objectors are also notified of any revised drawings/documentation received on an application.

If there is an appeal against the decision then this will add significantly to the length of time taken to determine the application.

In calculating any appropriate period or other time limit, the period between the 24th day of December and the first day of January, both days inclusive, shall be disregarded. Accordingly, all time limits specified in connection with the planning application process, including time limits relating to the maintenance of site notices and receipt of submissions or observations are extended by 9 days.