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‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Cork City Council is obliged under The Planning and Development Acts 2000 - 2015  to consult the general public, local interest groups, stakeholders and children (including groups or associations representing the interests of children) on a range of issues relating to the future planning and development of the city. Opportunities to make written observations are advertised / invited by way of statutory public notices in locally circulating print newspapers.

Public Consultations


Cork City Council is preparing statutory Local Area Plans (LAPs) for the Cork City Docks and Tivoli Docks. The Council made the commitment to prepare LAPS for these Key Development Areas in the Cork City Development Plan 2015 - 2021. The City Docks LAP will replace the South Docks Local Area Plan 2008 and the expired North Docks Local Area Plan 2005. The Tivoli Docks LAP will be a new plan.

In June 2017 the City Council undertook a pre-plan consultation exercise including stakeholder and technical workshops on how the areas should be redeveloped. Please click below on the links to the issues papers that informed the exercise and the links to the consultation reports.

Cork City Docks LAP Pre Plan Consultation Report

Tivoli Docks LAP Pre Plan Consultation Report

Photoreport Docklands Workshop

Cork City Docks Issues Paper

Tivoli Docks Issues Paper

Cork City Docks Issues Paper and Tivoli Docks Issues Paper can also be viewed at the following:



Notice of Proposed Variation No. 5 (Student Accommodation) of the Cork City Development Plan 2015 - 2021 

Notice is hereby given that the Members of Cork City Council, in accordance with Section 13(2) of the Planning & Development Acts 2000 - 2015,  voted to make Variation No. 5 (Student Accommodation) of the Cork City Development Plan 2015 - 2021 at the Ordinary Council Meeting of Monday, 9th July, 2018.   

The proposed variation relates to the Rebuilding Ireland Action Plan and the National Student Accommodation Strategy and reflects the responsibilities of the City Council to support the provision of purpose built student accommodation in appropriate locations having regard to a growing student population and increasing demands for accommodation.                                 

A copy of the variation is available for inspection at the following locations and times.

City Hall, Anglesea Street

10.00am - 4.00pm Mon - Fri

Central Library, Grand Parade

10.00am - 5.30 pm Mon - Sat

Please click on the link below to view the variation no. 5.

Adopted Variation No. 5



Variation No. 4 (St. Johns Well)

Variation No 3 (Vacant Sites)

Variation No. 2 (Social Housing under Part V)

Variation No. 1 (St. Anthony's Park, Hollyhill)



Variation No. 5 - Student Accommodation(419KB)

Proposed Variation No. 5 SEA Screening(226KB)

Proposed Variation No. 5 AA Screening(309KB)